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By katholly on
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I love free money!! I can't think of a better thing at the moment. And free money to help send your children to college just rocks.

This is where Upromise.com comes in to play. They have been around for almost 10 years now and I cannot believe how many people do not utilize this savings tool.

Basically, you register credit cards, grocery cards, 529 plans, etc. with Upromise.com and start to earn free money which they will automatically deposit into the 529 plan of your choosing at regular intervals. You can also shop through their site, through links to participating vendors for more savings. Averages are about 3%-6% (some much higher) of your purchase price deposited into your child's 529 plan as cash!

I opened my account as soon as I had my first child (almost 8 years ago). During that time, we have gotten $2000 of free college money direct deposited into my children's 529 savings plans. $2000 over 8 years may not sound like much, but I did nothing out of the ordinary to receive these funds. There are ways that I could've made this number much higher and sometimes I kick myself over it.

You have to remember to shop through links on the Upromise site to obtain the percentages. You have to remember to use your grocery, drug store rewards cards as well. Credit is given for dining at certain establishments if you use one of your registered debit/credit cards. You can book travel through participating vendors and receive a percentage. I just booked a $1000+ trip and 2% will go into our account.

Please! Check in to Upromise.com when you can. For the 15 minutes you spend signing up, your children can get thousands of dollars for college! At the rate this economy is going - that will be very helpful to them.