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Usana Essentials Mega Antioxidant

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My parents experimented with all kinds of vitamins and supplements when I was growing up. I have tried different types of barley pills, cod liver oil in pill and liquid form, and common brand-name pills like Centrum under their supervision. I did not particularly like any of them and did not use them regularly as I got older. A couple years ago, when I was in college, my mom suggested using USANA products. She claimed that they helped her get through her job, which was a night shift as a nurse in a nursing home, on a daily basis. She sent me 2 bottles of what she had ordered, the Mega Antioxidant and the Chelated Mineral from the Essentials line.

I do not know much about vitamins, supplements, or other health-related products, but I can tell you that the Mega Antioxidant is quite effective. I have always been a bit lethargic growing up. In high school, I used to take naps after school for an hour or two because I was always exhausted. Even if I went to sleep early, I would wake up groggy in the morning. After a few days of taking the Mega Antioxidant, I had no problem getting up for early morning lectures or staying awake for them in college. Even if I went to bed after midnight, I had energy to make it to class on time a couple hours later.

The Mega Antioxidant comes with 112 tablets. The instructions say that 2 pills should be taken daily after meals; that means the bottle will only last you 56 days (around 2 months) if you do so. Personally, I take only one a day, and that is enough. You can also skip weekends like I do since most of my energy is needed for weekdays during work. Doing so will increase your tablet supply even longer, which is good considering the expensive price. I buy both the Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral together at $51.00, but an individual bottle of Mega Antioxidant is $39.00. Either way, it is best to choose the deal that will save you money in the long run.

There are some drawbacks to using USANA's antioxidant. I have discovered one or two odd side effects when using this product, although I cannot be certain if it is the antioxidant or mineral or a combination of both of these pills that causes them.

First of all, I have noticed an increase in my conductivity. To phrase it more clearly, I believe that I have an increased chance of generating static electricity, as strange as that sounds. It happened often in college where I would shock myself on a regular basis when touching metal objects. Of course, I could just have a rare body chemistry, but do not be alarmed if you experience the same. In addition, I occasionally (but rarely) get hunger pangs; it is not painful, but it is likely due to the antioxidant's ability to reduce the amount of food that you eat because of the energy it provides. Remember to eat at least 2 meals a day, and you should be relatively fine.

There are other things that I have noticed about the Mega Antioxidant pill that are not really categorized as good or bad. It has a distinct smell and has a slightly bitter aftertaste like Centrum. Another thing you will notice is that the color of your urine will change when you take the tablets, which does not seem to affect anything.

I have not tried a lot of antioxidant pills in the past, so I cannot compare the performance of one to another. I can say that I find the Mega Antioxidant from USANA very useful, and I have grown to depend on it to function effectively in the day time.

On a side note, I have read some articles that claim antioxidant pills can actually cause damage to your system instead of having beneficial effects. I would study a number of written works on antioxidants before you decide to use them; you may want to consult with a trusted doctor beforehand too if you feel there is a risk. There is more information on their website, www.usana.com, if you want to learn more about the contents of their products and their prices.