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User Review Of The Samsung Impression

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By michaec5 on
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The Samsung Impression

Marketed by: AT&T

The Samsung Impression does have some nice features. The camera takes a good photo and has the dual usage ability to take video. The down side to this is that the camera does not capture photos in which people or objects are moving well, the appearance becomes blurry and distorted. The phone has a nice construction with the slider being on the left side and a screen rotation to keep everything going the same way. The Keyboard is a nice full sized key board, the keys are beveled to give a much more textile feel to the user. The user interface is good and very simple to use, the unlock button is located on the right side of the phone, however one thing i don't like is the lack of security, you can set-up a password in the phones security features section but the user interface only asks for the password on start up, not to unlock, like the iPhone. Another con to this phone is the placement of the micro SD slot, it is actually located in the back panel of the phone next to the battery, to be honest it was kind of a hunt to find it. The reception is good with few dropped calls, however Samsung does need to look at the connection they have between the slide out keyboard and the touch screen part of the phone as over time this area wears down quickly and connection between the two pieces can become a problem, other than that i like everything about the phone, the display has a nice bright color and is very customizable to fit the average users needs. Battery life is long with almost 300 minuets of talk time and texting is absoultly a breeze.