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Using A Rowing Machine To Get Fit

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With summer here we spend more time at the beach and on the water. This year I wanted to try kayaking and maybe, some rowing. Actually, I tried it last year but soon realized I have very little upper body strength and was super sore the next day! This year I am going to be ready.

I started training: well using, the Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine about a month ago. My nephew does a lot of rowing and to help him stay in shape during the winter, my sister bought this rowing machine. She wanted to build strength and started using it, getting results rather quickly so I thought I'd give it a try too. I have used the R900 rowing machine 3 times a week for 2 months now and can say that it really has increased my upper body strength, developed my upper arm muscles, shoulder, back and legs as well.

Using The Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine

Since I have only used three rowing machines, I am far from an expert but I can write about my experience. The Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine uses magnetic resistance which is nice and gentle on the joints. It is a good choice for us weekend (or seasonal) athletics. It would also be a good choice for people with joint problems, after checking with their Doctor of course.

The Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine has a somewhat padded seat. This is not true with all rowers and even a slightly padded seat is much more comfortable than a non-padded one!

There are different rowing programs to choose from which is a good thing for beginners through the more advanced rowers. One thing I just started using is the heart rate option on the constant heart rate mode. It requires the Polar chest strap (which was odd at first) but it reads my heart rate and then adjusts the resistance to keep my rate in a distinct range. That is so cool!

Another nice thing is the Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine is really quiet. You can easily watch TV or listen to music without having to blast the volume up. This is great for me as I tend to bore easily when exercising and this way I have something else to focus on and the time goes a lot faster.

It also folds up easily for storage. It is a bit heavy so this might not be so great if you had to fold it up and store it daily. My sister keeps theirs out the extra bedroom and only stores it if she needs the room for overnight guest. I helped her put it out and then take it out last weekend and it was surprisingly easy but like I mentioned a bit heavy.

My only complaint about the Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine would be the LCD display. The digital numbers are hard to read, a lot of times it seems like they are all 8's. I am nit sure if it is the blue background or if it is the viewing angle, but it can be really difficult to distinguish the illuminated items from the unlit ones.