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Uv Sanitizer Does It Really Work?

Reviewing: Phillips Sonicare Uv Sanitizer Hx7990  |  Rating:
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After getting our Sonicare toothbrushes I decided to purchase the UV Sanitizer for cleaning the heads and hopefully keeping germs at bay during the cold and flu season.

This Sonicare UV Sanitizer is ready to go right from the box "IF" you can get it out of the plastic protective sleeve. After I gave up I passed it to my husband who said this was the worst packaging he ever had to open after he struggled with a sharp knife and two sizes of scissors.

After getting it out of the package all you need do is plug the unit in, insert your Sonicare toothbrush heads on the drip tray with the bristles facing the light bulb, close the door and push the on/off button on top. You will see the blue light begin to glow. There is a 10 minute cleaning/sanitizing cycle and when that's complete, the sanitizer automatically shuts off. If you want to stop the sanitizer for any reason you just need to open the door or press the on/off button.

Our sanitizer came with the UV light bulb installed. There are directions to replace it in the instruction manual, something we've not had to do as yet. There are 2 sets of special brush holders for the Sonicare ProResults brush heads and the Oral-B Flexisoft or Oral-B Floss Action brush heads. If you have the E-series brush heads as we have you don't need these holders. Make sure to clean the inside and the drip tray often to remove any germs that have dripped down from your brush.

I still question whether the UV light really kills 99% of the bacteria and germs on our brush heads. If my toothbrush has bacteria on it, isn't the bacteria already in my mouth? It's not like I share my toothbrush with anyone.

Since Phillips Sonicare is one of the best and most recommended brands out there we will have to trust that our germs are being eradicated from our brush heads and continue to use the UV sanitizer through the cold and flu season. I am witholding a recommendation for now and will update our progress. I only rated flavor and ingredients a '1' as they really do not apply here.