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V For Vendetta Blu Ray

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V for Vendetta, set in the year 2027, is a reminder of what happens when government becomes too large for its own good. Set in Britain, V for Vendetta revolves around a revolutionary, V, who has been wronged by the British government his whole life, and has seen the drastic turns it has taken for the worst. In rememberence of Guy Fawkes, V takes it upon himself to set the British government straight on the fifth of November, a day that was once planned to be the day of the destruction of Parliament.

Through various uses of the government's own systems of propoganda and control, V takes it upon himself to kill the people that have done wrong to him, and to inform the citizens of what the government is doing to them. During the movie, he meets a girl named Evey, who he ends up saving and taking under his wing.

The movie has a brilliant plot that has a deeper meaning than a lot of people realize. The violence, although not a huge part of the movie, is very entertaining. The way V conducts his life and the story behind it is all done very well. The acting is very well done, and overall the movie is brilliant. A must have for any move fan.