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V Pick's Night Glow.

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Night Books Glow Musical V

It took me a month and a half of wait and finally received it. And the minute I opened the envelope with bubble wrap I had this feeling of excitement. Vinni (of V picks) include a round regular clear V pick. And I can't wait to go home and try it out.

Night Glow Jazz III size pick of V picks. My first impression by the moment I held it on my hand was like holding a piece of candy, it's kind of sticky it really has that grip that their talking about, really comfortable to hold because of its thick dimension.

I want to enumerate what I like and what I do not like about it by comparing it to my current favorite Pick. Eric Johnson Jazz III pick by Dunlop.

Grip: The EJ Jazz III pick has it, but V picks has more grip even your finger is kind of sweaty. Like I said it's just like holding a piece of candy it has that sticky feeling in your finger.

Dimensions: The V picks has its own somewhat odd size it won't fit in a pick holder even the Night glow Jazz III size. Compare to EJ Jazz III it is thicker and more comfortable to hold, by its weight and thickness you know it is in your finger.

Tone: The Night Glow compare to EJ was a bit darker or warmer in spite of the pointy design that should produce bright tone, might be due to the thickness, (I don't know I'm no expert) as well as the regular V pick. In tone I think I still prefer the EJ Jazz III, it was more OK with my playing style or technique. On the other hand, V pick produce a good tone nevertheless, I only don't like the chirping sound it produce when hitting the strings, especially the regular V pick it was more louder and it's kind of annoying. As I've said might be it in the playing style of technique.

Price: V picks are expensive. No explanation needed. In this category V picks loose.

All in all V pick is a very good pick you get what you pay, comfortable, good tone and it glows.

But I think EJ Jazz III is still my number one. I prefer it because of my playing style. Tone wise and Price wise. V picks loose by a thread.

Links http://v-picks.com/productdetails.php?q=29&page=picks