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Valens The Gladiator

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These games are entry in the genre category RPG Strategy and the rate class is T (Teen), ESRB Content Descriptors: Blood and Gore. Can play this game with 1-4 players.

This game has a setting like the ancient roman times with the nature of them and their enjoyment of the war, even if mixed with the curiosity that brought in by this game because of the diversity of the people who have type in it.At the beginning of the game, you will be brought to choose one of two main characters that Valens and Ursula. Valens characters reflect the descendants of a gladiator who seek his father's murderer, while Ursula is more a king's daughter who want to travel in order to become strong and can defend his nation, even if it always in drill a witch to be his victim.

After you select one of two characters, then you can start the journey to become a gladiator most entire world, even though more precisely the entire game. But wait a minute; it's not easy to become a great gladiator. For that you must fight to win a prize, after then you can simply enter the city to attend the tournament in the city. When you can win it then you can follow the regional championship for a city. And each city is always different opponents and his skill.

My experience.

To be able to win the fight, I always set the strategies; sharpen technique and managing finances well. Points obtained should be maximum and the money gained from the victory in the fight must be divided to purchase equipment for the entrant. Complete weapons the most characters with good equipment so they can fight maximally. Then the next; depending on the our hands skill to control the main characters that we used.

My Opinion.

This game is quite interesting because it is a game based RPG Strategy; I highly recommend this game for RPG fans. Because usually the more RPG fans know how long they can complete a RPG game and also already implement the type of strategy in the type of RPG.


This is just a practices only, as often as possible to save every finished fight, because this type of game requires a long time, so very disappointing when you lose in the mid and must repeat from the beginning.


For the gamer or the parent, always note the rate class before buying. Customize with your child's age. Because as long as my knowledge, many games that are only entertaining but not educate. So, all depends on your control.

by agus47