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Vampire Puppets??!!

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If you are a fan of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, this book is a must read. It is a sequel of sorts to one of my favorite Angel episodes "Smile Time" when Angel is turned into a "wee puppet man". The Buffyverse can be dark but, this book puts the comic back in comic book.

Spike is partnered with the green-skinned, red-eyed and horned demon, Lorne. Their interactions are hilarious; especially their back and forth banter. Spike and Lorne travel to Japan to put an end to the new "Smile Time" kids show. Along the way, they are both turned into puppets.

The drawing of the characters as puppets is excellent. The facial expressions are especially good. Vampire Spike even has soft little fangs and forehead ridges. Some of the most entertaining moments come when Spike and Lorne are busy using their new puppet-ness to their advantage. Puppet Spike loses an arm and Puppet Lorne make use of the lost arm. He defeats a puppet ninja with Spike's arm while declaring "Behold the cursed hand of the puppet vamp with a soul!". Later, you see Lorne sewing Spike's arm back on him.

Another enjoyable part of the book is the writer's commentary at the end of the book. Series writer Brian Lynch give a page by page narrative that offers up entertaining trivial and not so trivial info behind the Spike:Shadow Puppets story.

All in all, an enjoyable read.