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Vampire Rain Xbox 360

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By kalel on
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Vampire Rain begins with a fairly lengthy training session that asks the player to do nothing more than copy the movements of a teammate. This stage is uneventful, beyond boring, and a horrible way of starting a game. Whoever created the saying "it can only get better from here" is a liar. After the first nails-on-blackboard stage, you can almost see Vampire Rain's pain-inducing gameplay crumble right before your very eyes. Most of the levels are so blocky that you would think they were made with LEGOs. I've seen broken gameplay before, but nothing this ridiculous. One of the vampires that detected me just ran around in circles. Let's not forget how often you run into invisible walls, or how inefficient your weapons are. Multiplayer is slightly better simply because you can actually attack everybody and be in control of a Nightwalker. It's just sad that being allowed to fight is one of the few positive things this game has going for it.