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Vampires 1998 Full Screen

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Jack Crow is a vampire hunter, who works in a team for the Vatican. After the slaughter of a vampire nest, the head vampire kills most of the team. The world's head vampires are planning something big. He must destroy the master vampire and stop the plan.

A no nonsense vampire flick with plenty of action, gore, atmosphere and James Woods' sarcastic humor. I like it but it's nothing groundbreaking. If you can watch this without great expectations and don't mind the crudeness of some of the characters, you'll enjoy this for what it is.

The story offers a little bit of a twist on the origins of vampires which is intriguing but it's vaguely touched on. The present story is mostly action-oriented, comic-bookish and not very complex. So you can focus on the gory horror and blood splattering.

The setting of the desert offers a good, dark atmosphere with plenty of dark colors and shadows.

The acting is, eh, not so hot. It's not bad but far from stellar. James Woods is the true star of the movie. He's not for everyone but I like him. His dialogue is part sarcastic humor, part one-liners, part crude. He mostly plays it seriously and pissed-off with plenty of cursing and rage, which is understandable considering his character's background.

I know some people feel that Jack Crow and other characters are chauvinistic and rude towards women in this movie but, I feel that vampire hunters, after several nerve-wrecking battles for their lives, most-likely, would tend to be a bit crude. I understand being nasty to vampires but they shouldn't be so abusive to Katrina before her turning into a vampire. Still, this is just an opinion. It's just, basically, how some guys are. It's not like NO guys are like this - fact is there are crude people out there. I'm not sure why John Carpenter made most of the heroes like this, or if it's close to the novel. In the grand scheme of things, it's not really that big of an issue in the movie.

Daniel Baldwin, as Montoya, is a likeable character, especially later on in the film. Sheryl Lee is very sexy as Katrina. Damn, she has the most perfect derriere and she's bitten by Valek in a most unconventional place on her body - vampires have all the fun! Thomas Ian Griffith is good as Jan Valek but has little dialogue (nothing philosophical or memorable) and I'm tired of the clich├ęd appearance of the head vampire as the type who is gaunt, gothic yet has model-like good looks.

The SFX are okay but the instantaneous self-combustion is a bit much; a few times you can see the pyrotechnics ignite. The blood looks real but much of it is shown in dimly-lit or dark places so hard to see. Oh, and a Predator-level arsenal of weapons!! There's sex scenes and a bit of female nudity.:) NOT for children!

One question: where the hell are the cops?? Eating donuts while the blood bath grows?

Overall, a simple no-brainer yet fun horror flick. It's not a must-see but not a waste of time either.