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Vanilla Vs Vanilla

Reviewing: Victoria's Secret/Avon Vanilla Body Spray  |  Rating:
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This is a review for my favorite body scent vanilla. My favorite brand for fragranced body mist is actually Calgon, but lately I can't seem to find them in Walmart and many other stores I frequent, and if I do find Calgon sprays, there is only one on the shelf half empty from customers spraying all over themselves, this seems to be the norm in my local Zellers than it is in any other store.

I order alot of products from Avon, mostly bath products as their skincare either makes me breakout in acne or is too harsh for my skin. Avon always has some kind of really great deals and sales in each Campaign. I only order from them when my favorites go on sale, I never buy anything at regular price from their brochures. There was a sale on their Naturals body sprays, $4.99, the regular price is $10.00, the best deal is when you can buy 3 for $10.00, i've done this in the past, so I have tried ALL of their fragranced body sprays, and so far the Vanilla is my favorite and the only scent along with the raspberry scented spray that are the only two fragrances I buy over and over again and always use.

I was in my local Victoria's Secret owned La Senza store and found the Victoria's Secret - Secret Garden body spray in Vanilla, I too have tried many of the VS Secret Garden products, I am a body spray fanatic, I choose not to wear perfume in the daytime but rather fragranced body sprays for a light scent.

The difference in these two Vanilla scented spray is that the one from Avon smell like real vanilla, think marshmallow rice crispy squares homemade, not the store bought kind. I am curious to see what is in this spray as I haven't actually read the ingredient list before, so as I read it I will type it.

AVON Naturals Body Spray:

SD Alcohol 40-B, water, fragrance, vanilla fruit extract, glycine, soybean seed extract, sunflower seed extract, grapeseed extract, triclosan, benzophenone -3, orange 4.

Victoria's Secret - Secret Garden Body Splash:

Alcohol Denat, water, fragrance, propylene glycol, glycerine. aloe leaf extract, benzophenone-2, chamomille extract, benyl salicylate, yellow 5. red 4, red 40, blue 1.

I really like both scents and both are nice and light and smell of vanilla. My Favorite one though hands down is the one from Avon, just because it smells like real vanilla, and the Victoria's Secret smells like synthetic vanilla when compared. For this review I had spritzed both on different wrists and complete arm, on my right arm and wrist is the Avon, it's still strong and scenting my arm, the left arm and wrist has the VS spray, and i can faintly smell it, it's barely there anymore, it's wearing off.

I didn't know which brand to purchase, but my little test has helped me decide. I am going to continue with Avon's vanilla, I like that one more for a true vanilla scent that is warm and creamy, and makes me crave rice crispy squares, like I said above the Avon vanilla smells exactly like the way rice crispies do when mixed together with vanilla and marshmallows while still warm in the pot as the marshmallows are melting. And also this one is my choice because of it's staying power, it's still there and hasn't worn off yet.

Go for the Victoria's Secret if you don't want to smell too vanilla-y, and if you want a vanilla that is lighter in scent, but you will have to probably keep reapplying the VS, I sprayed both brands when I started this review and the VS is almost completely gone, but the Avon one is still there like as if I just sprayed it on.

The bottle that is lighter with the picture of the vanilla bean is Avon's, the bottle with the flower and darker in color is Victoria's Secret.