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By ezriela on
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"Vanity Fair" is an exceptional magazine that covers a multitude of timely topics and presents them from an intriguing viewpoint. It is sleek, elegant and fascinating. The writing is first class, the photography is classic and every issue is a good read from cover-to-cover. It focuses on fashion trends, politics and popular culture. While it tends to come across as somewhat of a publication for the elite, "Vanity Fair" is not afraid to cross the lines of controversy, which is often has. I don't think I will ever forget the photo of a nude and very pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of one its most famous issues. It caused quite a stir at the time. Some of its writing contributors have also produced articles that caused conversation, such as those penned by the always aloofly superior Christopher Hitchens. Whether you agree on what is written, you have to admit that "Vanity Fair" is a quality magazine. I particularly like reading their profiles on celebrities and social and political figures, which are always frank, well-researched and revealing. This is not the sort of magazine you toss away after you get through with it, but one that you keep, so you can go back and read it again. My shelves are full of old issues I bought years ago. I would say that the only things I probably do not like about "Vanity Fair" are the numbers of pages they have for ads, especially those annoying ones that have the cards with scent samples. Other than that, I consider "Vanity Fair" to be a wonderful present I sometimes give to myself, when I can afford it, as it is hardly cheap at $4.50 a pop. Still, it's well worth the occasional indulgence.