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Vapir Mini Oxygen Vaporizer

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By splitriff on
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The Vapir Mini Oxygen is an herbal vaporization tool used for active ingredient extraction from medicinal herbs. Most importantly it is an alternative to smoking. I have never been more satisified with a purchase. I have never found myself using so little product and receiving such satisfying results. Vaporization is a complex process that may seem intimidating at first. Others are skeptical to its results as I was. Contrary to this I have yet to find a person dissatisfied by this product. Even the naysayers are converted in a matter of minutes. The vapor produced is tasty. I cant emphasize this enough. You will find a new love for your chosen herb and will seek out different kinds as they all taste unique. This tool eliminates many of the unpopular side effects of more traditional smoking and current research shows it as a way to completely eliminate the dangers of tobacco use. Imagine the nicotine buzz we all crave without the threat to your health. Imagine a very discreet tool that eliminates the nasty smell of smoke as the vapors are quickly dissipated with minimal air flow. More people need to know about vaporization and this is an affordable tool that can last you years of use. We haven't encountered a problem and dio not foresee any issues arising in the future. We used this item at 362 degrees (make sure to set it to at least 357 depending on the herb) many times a day for months without any decrease in quality and without any apparent wear on the vaporizer. This vaporizer is more effective, convenient, affordable and discreet than any other vaporizer I have used. I highly recommend this product.