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Vast Waistband? Leggs Waistband Free Pantyhose

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By jean westin on
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I recently purchased a four-pack of Leggs Sheer Energy Waistband-Free pantyhose. I cook at a school and am consequently on my feet all day--support-hose are a must. I was doubtful about the waistband-free variety but decided to give them a try, and wore them daily for 3 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised, but not overwhelmed. They take some getting used to.

First of all they aren't really without a waistband--there is a thin band, almost a seam, at the top of the panty, and it does have a tendency to roll a bit. Once you get over the habit of trying to hike the top up above the navel--the way you would with a full control-top--they're much more comfortable. Just let them ride around the middle of your hips.

There's also the "undies dilemma". I found out right away that my beloved Bali Skimp-Skamps were a no-go, and the same goes for any other full-cut brief, unless you want to have duelling waistbands all day long. In no particular order of preference, I would recommend bikinis, thong, or commando.

Finally there's the question of support. I generally wear Sheer Energy control top and love the way they help prevent leg exhaustion and cramps. I don't think the waistband-free style provides quite the support, because I think a lot of the support comes not just from compression around the leg, but also from the upward pull of a control panty with a full waistband to keep them hoisted up. Maybe it's just me, but I think control tops get the nod here.

On the other hand, if you're looking for comfortable, snug fitting pantyhose to wear under low-rider styles, you ought to give these a try. And incidentally, the on-line price for a 4-pack is pretty nice, too.