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Vcom System Suite 8

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I have been a long-time customer of the VCOM System Suite series. I keep udating with Avanquest every year because it is a complete all-in-one security and maintenance package.

The System Suite 8 includes all of the following: virus and software protection; fixes Windows problems; diagnostic and repair of the PC; system optimizer; firewall and anti-spam; anti-virus; anti-spyware; and the newest feature, a secure file shredder.

I especially like the firewall in this package. It's easy to use, and simple to make a list of the websites you want the firewall to "let in". I'm on the computer visiting a gazillion websites each day and I use the "All-in One" feature (every day!) before I end my computer sessions. This is a quick way of cleaning out the cookies, freeing up space, defragging, and checking for viruses with just a click of a button. Of course if you want to clean things up individually you can choose to do that too. I'm not sure if doing it that way cleans up and optimizes the computer more thoroughly or not. I've done it both ways just to be safe.

There are areas you can 'clean' that you need to use caution. The registry is a good example. If you don't know what you're doing the System Suite 8 will tell you which things can safely be deleted. Otherwise leave the other stuff alone.

I use almost all of the features that are included with System Suite 8 with the exception of the 'Create/Restore Checkpoint'. I feel that since I have this included with Windows I don't need another program to do the same thing. The Anti-virus part of the suite is good, but I think Avast is equally as good or better. I use them both, just for added security. There are times when the firewall that comes with Windows clashes with the firewall in the System Suite, so I disable the Windows version.

Obviously, I've been a satified customer or I wouldn't keep coming back for the latest version. One nice thing is that returning customers are cut a price break, and can usually upgrade for substantially less than a new customer. I could go on and on about this software since it's so loaded with goodies! It might be better to go to their website to see what it's all about. http://shop.avanquest.com/usa/prod.php?pid=4021&tr1=AQ_US_AF_CJ_SS8 You can download the program directly, or have it mailed to you on a CD. The license is good for use on 3 computers.