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Veet Wax Strips: The Easy Way To Summer Smooth Legs!

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By catens on
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Ready-to-Use Strips

Veet Ready-to-Use wax strips are the way to achieve smooth legs, arm-pits, and other body parts with ease in the comfort of your own home without the pricey salon tab! These wax strips beat the competition hands-down: I prefer them to not only other Veet products, but all other brands as well, and I have tried most out there, including the popular Persian Cold Wax that was my choice until I gave this a try.

I have been waxing for years now, and generally go to an excellent salon for more private/sensitive areas. Once I decided that to stay within budget I would wax my own legs, I have been searching for the right product, and this is it.

Veet wax strips come in a set of forty, and are stuck together in pairs that are then separated for use. I first heat a pair by rubbing it between my hands, peel the strips apart, and then apply them to my legs. For maximum effectiveness I have found that forming a fist to apply more pressure as I rub each strip on in the direction of the hair growth is best. Wait a couple of minutes, and then strip away! First-time users should remember to pull the surrounding skin taut; the experience is pretty painless and the results are worth it.

The strips are reusable, and usually one pair will do at least a whole leg. I rarely have to go over an area twice, and the strips are good at grabbing even shorter regrowth (a problem I had with traditional hot and cold waxes and muslin strips). These have worked so great on legs and under arms that my lovely salon may eventually lose my business altogether if I decide to pop a pain pill and attack the bikini area as well!

There is hardly any residual wax ever left on the skin, and what little might be left can easily be swept away by the included "perfect finish" oil wipes that take care of the excess so you do not have to hit the shower again. Overall, not only are these easy to apply, yank off, and leave me with the best, most silky results yet, but they are the most mess-free.

Because they are effective at gripping even shorter hairs and finer hairs, and they have a "hair coating technology" that really has proved to work, I have gone for up to a month without even having to touch up. This means no more razor nicks, burns or bumps, and a box of these strips is less then a box of razor cartridges a lot of the time! So start loving your smooth skin this season by giving this fabulous product a shot!