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Veri Cash Retail Cash Office Software

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VeriCash by Balance Innovations is a software package used in tandem with IBM’s Supermarket Application in the retail cash office. This is the software I use in my office at the grocery store where I work. It has really helped speed up the whole process of counting down and balancing tills, making cash deposits, and anything that has to do with handling and accounting for the cash that flows through from checkstand to office to bank.

As usual, it was intimidating at first to have to learn a new system. It is very user friendly, though, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that this software was my friend! It has cut the time it takes to count a till by at least half, giving me the time to perform other office duties that I used to have a hard time finding time for.

Besides the time saving factor, there is the accuracy improvement to consider. Anything we can do to improve accuracy in the cash office is a good thing.

I know that the retail company I work for was simply trying to save hours and therefore money when they invested in the VeriCash software to use company wide, and that some employees might be offended by that. Business is always about the bottom line, though, and that’s the way it should be. I like working with the new software, and my hours haven’t been cut because of it.

I’m not sure how many other companies are using this software in their cash operations, but I feel like it was a good investment on the part of the decision makers for my corporation.