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Verilux Happy Lite

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By ally_deville on
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The Verilux Happy Lite is supposed to help with Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD) which is caused by not getting enough sunlight. however in this day and age of cubicles and lack of windows, anyone who works in an office would benefit from having it or so that is how it is marketed.

I found out about the light from another staff member, she bought it as her office is located in the basement and there is absolutely no natural light coming in, she said it helped her forget she wasn't near a window. Now, while I highly doubt my lamp will help me forget I am not outside I can say it does provide a lot of light that does't make my eyes hurt. I hate flourscent lighting, so this helps counteract it.

The light has a high/low feature so you can adjust it somewhat. While I don't think the light will solve all the issues of working in a windowless office, what I can say is I feel more productive when I am using it. I don't get as sleepy or have the tired eyes affect when I am working when the light is on. And my typcial afternoon headaches have just about stopped.

That said, does it really work? I don't know. For now, I am just happy I am not getting daily headaches; as to whether or not it helps with sunlight deprivation, the jury is still out.