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Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition Is Easy To Take

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jlyn12 By jlyn12 on
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When I joined SFI, the very first thing I did was order the Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition. I have never had much success taking vitamins - the top of my fridge is full of bottles that I never finished. But, at age 47 I realize that I need to take better care of myself. Looking at the product description and list of ingredients, it sounded great. The fact that it was a liquid and peach flavored sounded even better. So, I purchased it and waited. Very shortly it arrived and I was first impressed with the secure packaging and then with the very nice looking bottle. I popped it in the fridge (not on the top this time) to let it chill.

The minimum you will want to take as an adult is one ounce, or 2 tablespoons. However, you can take Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition as often as 3 times a day to maximize results. The consistency is thin, not thick or syrupy, which I like. The peach flavor is very nice. It is light, not too sweet, and goes down very, very smoothly. There is no nasty vitamin aftertaste. If I have any problem, it is with wasting my precious liquid supplement over the edges of the spoon, so I try very hard not to do that. One feature that attracted me to this product was fast absorption. Because the vitamins, nutrients and minerals and more are delivered in liquid form, absorption is greatly increased. I literally felt a difference immediately after taking it. I had been feeling rather run down, kind of dragging, and I noticed that my energy level began to pick up. I no longer drag. The first thing I do now is take my Veriuni and I take it at least once more during the day. If I am having a stressful day, I may take it twice more. I have yet to miss one day, and that is a miracle! Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition is completely plant-based so your body recognizes and absorbes the nutrients more readily. One ounce, two tablespoons, provides over 127 nutrients, 77 plant-derived minerals, and 13 vitamins, plus 12 herbs and 18 amino acids.

I am very happy and satisfied with Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition and now do not want to run out of it. The days where bottles would pile up on the top of the fridge are now over. I no longer need them and am going to toss them. Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition is a winner!