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Verizon Fi Os High Definition Dvr Can't Live Without It!

Reviewing: Motorola For Verizon Hd/Dvr Qip 6416 2  |  Rating:
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When my husband and I switched from Comcast Cable to Verizon FiOS TV service, he decided to upgrade to a high-definition DVR/cable combination box. He thought it would be nice to have the option of pausing and rewinding live TV and being able to keep up with our favorite shows without having to track down re-broadcasts. He rightly assumed that having the DVR would also be a convenient way to maximize having premium movie channels, since we can now record movies and shows for our kids and ourselves to watch when WE want to watch, not just when they're being shown on a network's schedule.

The FiOS technician installed the HD/DVR QIP-6416-2 during our scheduled installation appointment. The entire appointment took about 90 minutes, about 25 minutes of which were spent installing, initializing, and explaining the use of the DVR. We opted for a multi-room DVR, which means that we can set the DVR to record our programs, and then replay those recorded shows in any other room with a FiOs-connected TV. Different shows can be played simultaneously in different rooms, which is also very convenient. However, one can only set up and delete programming from the main box.

The accompanying remotes are easy to use, and very intuitive, whether one is channel surfing or using the DVR. The buttons which control the programming and playback features are grouped together for convenience, and they include the standard buttons one would find on the remote for a DVD player: Play, Stop, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind, Record. To initiate the DVR menu, the viewer simply presses the DVR button on the remote. The programming/playback menu appears on screen, and the DVR selection buttons allow the viewer to walk through a handy menu of options. It's too bad that we have already had to replace three of the four remotes in the house because they abruptly stopped working. In some of the rooms, we have just opted for a universal remote rather than dealing with the remotes Verizon provided.

We can record up to 40 hours of programming in standard definition. High-def programming uses up more space on the DVR, although memory used seems to vary. For instance, a one-hour program recorded in standard definition generally uses about 1% of the DVR's memory, whereas the same one-hour program recorded in high-definition uses 3-5% of the memory.

Having the multi-room DVR adds $15.00 per month to our cable bill, but we think it is well worth that cost, since it allows us to enjoy our television shows without becoming a slave to the programming schedules of the networks.

We have had this particular DVR/cable box combo for well over 2 years without having any issues with its performance. I would recommend this product to anyone within the Verizon FiOS service area.