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Verizon Fi Os Tv Cable Remote

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cafn8me By cafn8me on
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My family and I switched from Comcast cable to Verizon FiOs TV in late January. The package we selected includes 4 boxes, each with its own remote control. After nearly 10 years with Comcast, this unwieldy new remote took a bit of getting used to, but I was finally starting to know my way around this alien device, and then -- BAM! Before the end of March, two of the four remotes had completely stopped working! This is certainly not due to abuse or misuse, as these remotes sit untouched all day while my family is not home. They were not dropped, and the batteries are fresh, so we are at a loss as to why they suddenly died! I have gone through the remote's setup instructions, and have attempted to reprogram the broken ones, but have had no success.

To their credit, Verizon is replacing the 2 broken remotes free of charge (although they refused to expedite shipping of the new ones to me). But if 2 of the 4 stopped working less than 60 days after they were opened, perhaps Verizon ought to look into upgrading that part of their equipment. It's irritating to be paying such exhorbitant rates for Verizon's service and not have the remote I need to use that service!