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Verizon Great Service With A Contract

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I was a Verizon customer for many years, even before the name was changed to Verizon Wireless.

At the time that I picked up my cell phone I was doing a lot of city traveling and it was important to me to have the phone for safety. I felt comfortable with Verizon, as unlike other services that were available in my area I could always get a signal and did not have a problem with dropped calls.

I lived in an urban area where other services, such a Sprint, did not have a signal. I have a friend who lives at the bottom of a large hill who has Cingular, she had to walk down her driveway and up the hill at least ¾ of the way to get a signal, while my Verizon phone could get a signal at her kitchen table, no problem.

When I moved to a different state I had no trouble switching over my phone number and keeping my same service. There was only one little area, while crossing state lines in a mountainous area where I would get a dropped call, but I would have a signal back in a matter of a couple of minutes.

One of the perks that I really enjoyed was that every 2 years at the time of contract renewal I would have a substantial credit to use for the purchase of a new phone. Most of the time the phones that I chose ended up being free.. How cool is that? Verizon also always has a great selection of cell phones from plain Jane to full of gadgetry, whichever your poison.

Some of the drawbacks were when Verizon changed the free talk time from 7pm - 7am to 9pm to 7am. Once I had moved I was using that free time period to keep in touch with friends and family at home without adding long distance charges to my landline. The change from 7pm to 9pm made it later than my child’s bedtime so he could not call his grandparents during the week unless I was willing to use my available minutes or pay landline charges. This was probably one of the first things that make me think about switching to another carrier.

Once I had moved I was no longer doing the city traveling that I had been and was using my cell phone much less than before. Verizon really falls down in the area of having plans for those who use cell phones sparingly. The cheapest plan was $40 a month and with the little bit that I was using the phone I just could not justify the expense. I also did not care for the pre-pay plans that Verizon has, as they seem to be aimed more at people with credit issues and less towards people who use just a few minutes a month.

So, I made the switch to TracFone. Even so, for people who use a good amount to a lot of time on a cell phone I would highly recommend Verizon wireless. I was always happy with their service and had they offered a plan or pre-paid option that would have fit my new needs I never would have switched.