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Verizon V Cast Music Phone

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When I was looking for a new cell phone I decide on the V Cast Music Phone model CDM895 because it had a lot of the features that I wanted. The fact that it was free with contract renewal didn't hurt any.

I have had this phone for a few months and am still learning a lot of its features. It has all the normal features of a cell phone plus a whole lot more. It has a camera that takes reasonably good pictures. It also can record short videos but I haven't tried this yet. It has Get It Now, which it a program to download ringtones and games.

The V Cast features are mainly what I haven't had a chance to deal with much. You can install a memory card in the phone and download music, videos, and 3D games. You can also transfer songs from your computer to the phone with a USB cable. You can also connect to V Cast and receive broadcasts from breaking news, sports and entertainment.

The battery doesn't seem to last very long on this phone but that is probably because of all the extra features. I find that if I hook it to the charger nightly it does fine. All in all, I think this is a good little phone with a lot of fun extras.