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Verizon Wireless Lg Env2

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Shamis McGillin By Shamis McGillin on
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I bought this phone the first week of May in 2008

I previously had the Motorola Razr (v3) in silver.

I went in to buy the Env2 because I wanted a full qwerty keyboard because I had just gotten Unlimited text messaging.

Now the design leaves a lot to be desired the front screen (while the phone is closed) looks like a calculator with its HUGE buttons and small display, I will have to say that the small display is not as good as the previous enV because this one can only display text messages and other various settings. They did however make an improvement in the outside keys which are now bigger and easier to text on. Another downside of using the exterior part of the phone is that the arrow keys only go up and down so if you are texting and you need to delete something that you typed at the begining, you will have to deleted all of the message up to that point. Also on the outside you can access your Vcast music player with the dedicated Music button

When the phone is open, there is a full qwerty keyboard that I absoloutly LOVE!!!! It is great for me but others say that it is too small (I have small fingers) You will adapt to it though. The phone displays everything a regular vcast verizon phone would were it has the Media, Messaging, Recent Calls, Contacts, and Tools menu. these are great menus and if you had a vcast phone before they look very similar! The messaging on the phone is great and Inbox can hold over 100 texts! the phone also had a micro SD card slot so you can save photos, messages, and music on it. The phone is blue tooth ready!

Camera is 3.0 mega pixels but comes with no flash which is one downfall, you can zoom in and change colors of the picture and use the brightning tools, on the side of the phone there is a dedicated camera button to use the camera. The camera is in an odd place and I tend to get my finger in the way of photos..

Up to 30 seconds of video can be taken for each time you take a video (Video quality leaves A LOT to be desired!)

there are also volume controls on the side and a voice commands button if you hit the "clr" button on the exterior of the phone.

This phone is durable and I never had a scratch on a screen, however the silver paint on the rims of the phone started to chip off (I wouldn't even drop the phone) so that made me mad!

I really would recommend this phone to anyone despite some of the down falls because I love this phone and don't want to get rid of it anytime soon!!! it is a great buy and depending on how much you spend you are getting your moneys worth so why not buy one while you can?

Colors= Black or Burgundy! (mine is black)

Ps. You can lock the keypad so no more butt dialing!!