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Verizon's Motorola K1

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Jacob Peschel By Jacob Peschel on
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A few months back, I had convinced my parents to add myself and my sister onto their cell phone plan. So, my mom went online, ordered the nicest looking free phones, and about a week later, here they were.

Being myself, I enjoy messing around with my electronics and the such. After playing with the phone, googling for hours on end and trying to get ringtones on it for free, I discovered that Verizon had placed many, many blocks on this phone.

Ringtones, games, and all the such, unfortunately have to come from Verizon, thanks to V-Cast, although those services that send ringtones do work.

As for retrieving your photos, the only means are through texting them to your email, emailing them with the built in email capabilities (of which costs extra) or by using the Pix Place online album thing, which is an online feature, so it costs extra unless covered on the plan.

Fortunately, the phone syncs with media players, although I've only personally used Windows Media Player. The internal memory is crap, only holding about three or four songs is you're lucky. Though, thankfully it supports memory cards for additional storage.

The phone itself is very loud, even calls. The speakerphone, is pretty average, and you can for the most part hear the person talking to you with it. The music player is fairly loud, although to use headphones you must purchase special Verizon ones or ones made for the phone.

The phone supports normal texting, along with photo and video texting. Though, the keys are a bit cramped and may require getting used to. The predictive text can be quite the retard at times, and the CLR button seems to be a bit too close to the very sensitive END button. From what I've experienced, the phone only hold around 120 texts in the inbox, and around 200 in the outbox before getting full.

The camera is in terms of phones, very nice, the pictures turn out decent looking, although the shutter speed is pretty slow. Though, you can shut the phone it will display the photo on the outter LCD.

Though, I haven't quite all-the-way gone through video, it does seem mediocre.

The durability of the phone is pretty decent, although it's a very slender phone, so avoid dropping altogether.

The battery life is pretty amazing, and if you don't over-use your phone, it can squeeze about two or three days without a charge.

The reception for the most part is great, and on Verizon, you usually have at least one bar somewhere.

The phone itself is pretty aesthetically pleasing, and the displays are bright and aren't too hard to read. The keypad also lights up.

Though, a downside is that smudges will appear on the front of the phone, and the inner screen tends to be prone to them too.

Another fact: the phone is very prone to freezing, especially when you lose service. Or if you try to send too many texts, or sometimes whilst receiving texts.