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Versatile Baby Carrier

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When our baby was born, our neighbor lent us her Disney Baby Carrier. It is colored blue because her baby, who was born 1 year our baby's senior, is a boy. The carrier is simply like a basket, curved, and made of hard plastic (I am not sure what kind). But it is a sturdy kind of plastic the make is thick. So it is not easily broken. Along with it comes a matching linen with hood and strap to keep the baby in place. It also has a plastic handle.

I particularly like this product foremost because of its durability. When our baby was very small, we carried her in it. It doubled as a car seat when we were driving a few blocks. I would ride in the back seat and hold the carrier as the baby laid down and slept. Once we took her outside for some fresh air and we put the carrier on the table. But then a strong wind blew, bringing with it dust and other debris. We simply turned the back of carrier towards the wind and attached the hood so the baby was kept safe and remained asleep even while the wind blew.

When the baby grew bigger, we could no longer lay her down on the carrier. But instead, we used it as a seat. Since our baby is quiet lean, we put sort of a comforter on the carrier and it becamse a comfortable seat for baby. She stays there when we started feeding her or when we are eating while she is awake. She is safe here. On the picture, our baby was already 5 months old then. She is sitting comfotably on the chair like a big boss.

We did not buy this product but we are aware that it is worth around 30$. The price is reasonable for its quality and its versatility. Our baby is now 7 months and can still use it. So even if we bought it, it would still be worth it because they baby did not outgrow it so fast.

Update On Oct 05, 2009: I forgot to mention, the plastic handle used to carry the baby became the seat support when the carrier became a baby seat. It is thick and sturdy, so as long as the carrier is placed in a stable surface, it does not wobble.