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Very Drying Poor Packaging

Reviewing: Serious Skin Care C Eye Vitamin C Ester Eye Beauty Treatment  |  Rating:
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Vitamin C is a big thing in anti-aging skin care today. It boasts both prevention and repair of common skin issues that occur with aging including sagging, wrinkles and lines.

I had heard some positive things about Serious Skin Care’s Vitamin C line so I decided to try it. One of the products that I tried from the line was the C-Eye Vitamin C Ester Eye Beauty Treatment. When I first received the product I found it odd that the C-Eye Vitamin C Ester Eye Beauty Treatment was packaged in a clear glass bottle with a wrapper that did not cover the complete bottle. Since Vitamin C is a very unstable product when mixed and sensitive to light and exposure to air, I really wasn’t sure if my skin was even going to get the amount of Vitamin C that was intended to be delivered when the product was made. Because of the packaging, I stored the bottle in a box and in a dark place, in an attempt to keep it away from light as much as possible. I found it most inconvenient to have to get the product just before I was to use it and to put it away right away, as the area that I use to apply products to my face is very well lit.

I used C-Eye Vitamin C Ester Eye Beauty Treatment for a full 30 days.

I was very disappointed with the lack of results.

I saw absolutely no positive effect on my eye area whatsoever. The only effect that I did have from this product is that I found it very drying to my skin. Dryness, unfortunately, it one of the largest causes of wrinkles. Hydrated plump skin wrinkles less and shows off less of the wrinkles that is there… so the drying effect was not good.

I would absolutely advise against this product. Even if this product was to work (which it did not) I probably would not have re-purchased it just for the packaging problem alone. I feel that the way the item is packaged, even if the mixing of the product during manufacturing is consistent, the time spent on the shelf before purchase as well as the time spent at home can have serious negative results on the product by breaking down the main ingredient.

To me, I would compare the packaging with milk packaging. There is a world of difference with how many nutrients will be received from the light block bottles that Hood has as compared with the clear bottles that milk from other companies come in. Of course with milk, even if purchased in a clear package, you still have milk, with a Vitamin C product if the Vitamin C is all leached out what is left in the bottle is basically water, stabilizers, preservatives and fillers.

In the end if someone is looking for a Vitamin C product I would recommend seeking out the type of packaging of the product before purchase to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.