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Very Sturdy Very Cheap Tv Cart

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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Let me first say, that I am disclosing that although I am rating the construction quality a 5, I put this baby together all by my lonesome. ha! ;-)

I was looking for some sort of stand for an iMac, that has wheels, so that I can use the iMac and move it around my home as a laptop replacement. I went into these very Shared Reviews forums and asked for help... and my friendly Shared Reviews buddy mentioned this very cart, complete with a link to the Walmart site, where it was listed for $25.

It looked really good, but I wanted to see it in person so I headed to Wally World and sure enough they had one on display and about a half a dozen or so packed flat in boxes, ready to be assembled.

What struck me first was the price. My Walmart had these on the shelf for $16! SWEET!

Then I noticed how thick the wood was on the stand... and how incredibly sturdy the unit was...

Then I tried to lift the box... Yikes! HEAVY!

All these good things almost caused me to lose my senses and buy more than I needed... Which I did, of course, but I was able to pull myself away while only purchasing one of these units.

After the box sat in my hall for a couple of weeks, I dragged it into the bedroom to assemble. The assembly was pretty easy after I figured out what went where. The pencil sketched drawings, lack of labeling and too simplistic instructions made my mind work harder than I wanted it too in order to figure out which panel was the top, the bottom, the sides and the middle shelf... but it (my mind) and I was up to the task.

I pulled out my handy dandy screwdriver, reached into the bag of misc mixed up parts and started sifting to get what I needed... I was successful and it did not take me too long to put this cart together.

I especially liked nailing hundreds of tiny nails into the black cardboard that covers the back... Loads of entertainment value just in the assembly alone!

The cart hold up to 70 pounds. It says this on the bright red, gaudy, and very ugly sticker that Mainstay wanted me to stick right on top of the cart for all to see... I did decide to stick it on inside the cart for my reference as well as a reminder to all of my guests that this cart is not a toy. hahaha! ;-)

The cart has a top, a middle shelf that can be adjusted to one of 3 heights, and a bottom shelf that juts out just a bit to add a bit of style to this little wooden cart. The unit is about 21" tall (including those stylish plastic wheels), 14.5" deep and 24" wide... This is a small cart, but really a great size for so many uses, including holding my iMac.

I really love this cart and highly recommend it.