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Vicks Dayquil Non Drowsy Cold Flu

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We got this Vicks Dayquil when this last cold, flu, whatever sickness it was ran through our house. We bought the 6 fluid oz bottle of non-drowsy liquid syrup for about $5.99 at Walmart. My husband and I each got different results when we used it. So I am going to give you two different sides of it.


(In each 15ml TABLESPOON)

Acetaminophen……..325mg……..pain reliever/fever reducer

Dextromethorphan HBr …..10mg….Cough Suppressant

Phenylephrine HCI….5mg……Nasal Decongestant

Dayquil is also Alcohol free, Antihistamine free, and Sugar free.

The bottle says that an adult dose of this Dayquil is 2 Tablespoons, every 4 hours. There is a medicine cup that comes with the bottle to help you measure correctly.

The uses for Vicks Dayquil are for temporarily relieving the common cold/flu symptoms like: Nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, headache, minor aches and pains, and fever.


Well I have to tell you that I followed the dosage directions and took 2 tablespoons. This Liquid is orange colored and tastes kind of gross. It is a lot like drinking a cough drop, there’s a mint/menthol type taste to it. I had to swallow 2 times to get the entire dose down and I guess I am sensitive…I gagged and almost didn’t make the second swallow! Anyways I got it down and waited…and waited…and waited for the magic! This is supposed to be the good stuff I thought?

Well, I’ll say this. It did help with the body aches and the fever. It did absolutely NOTHING for my cough and my stuffy nose. I was disappointed. Also I noticed that this was supposed to be a “NON-DROWSY” formula…but as this Dayquil hit my system, I got this heavy, weighted feeling in my body and my head got MORE cloudy/spacey feeling than it already was. I had to go lay down because of it. As for the stuffy nose, like I said, this Dayquil just didn’t do it for me…I ended up using a nasal spray to relieve my stuffy nose and just toughing out the cough.


The first time my husband took this, he didn’t use the measuring cup; he just chugged from the bottle. We don’t know how much he was getting. He says that it worked GREAT for him. It got rid of every symptom he had. He didn’t mind the taste of this stuff…but he uses cough drops often so I guess it doesn’t bother him. My husband DID notice the heavy, weighted body feeling and the cloudy/spacey head feeling that I noticed. He also had to lie down after taking this stuff.

Now, I did scold him and make him use the recommended dosage after that. He got the same results…it worked for him/ all of his symptoms. Why did it help him and not me?? That is so weird!

Anyways, that’s our experience with this stuff! I am going to give this a little over a 3.5 rating just to be fair. I think that although it didn’t really help my cough, or my congestion, it did help with the fever and body aches. And I think that since it DID work for my husband I can’t give it a really horrible rating…

Maybe I will just say that you should be prepared for this product to possibly NOT work in all areas for you…and if does then GREAT!