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Vicks For My Baby, Too

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Whenever I have colds or flu or cough and can't breathe, my mom used to put Vicks VapoRub on my chest and back. She would massage it and then let me lie down and cover me with a blanket. It does works wonders in clearing my nasal passages and with the massage, makes me relax and sleep well. It does not heal, but it sure does help me breathe better. I like it so much. But when I am well, I don't want to touch the stuff because it is icky.

When I got married, I did that to my husband, too, when he is sick.

Once we could not find Vicks and we looked for a similar product that contains camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil. All the products that we found only contained 2 of the active ingredients. But Vicks is I think complete because it has 3. Aside from the rub, I also use Vicks as a homemade inhaler. I would get a bowl of boiled water and put a teaspoon of Vicks on the water. The hot water will melt the Vicks. I would put my face some distance from the bowl and cover my head with a towel. The steam relaxes my nasal passages and probably melts the phlegm and I could breathe easily.

Now with my baby, I use it too. Vicks is a very good product.

But aside from being a cold medication, I use it on insect bites so that the itchiness will be relieved. We always have Vicks around the house because we don't know when we will need it.