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Vicks Ny Quil Liquid Cold Flu Relief

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derwood By derwood on
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I hate getting sick, but working in an enclosed office all day and living with a child in the house all night, means that eventually, I'll probably end up catching something. If I do have to be sick, though, the last thing I want to do is suffer through every minute of it awake, dwelling on just how miserable I'm feeling. That's where NyQuil comes in.

This stuff is great. Each dose knocks me out for about 6 hours, allowing me to sleep through just about anything. Whenever I'm sick, my routine is as follows:

1. Take some NyQuil,

2. Sleep for 6 hours,

3. Wake up,

4. Grab a drink and something small to eat,

5. Repeat until I finally wake up feeling somewhat better.

In that respect, NyQuil is almost like my own little, liquid time-machine, allowing me to fast forward through my misery 6 hours at a time.

It comes in two flavors, but when I'm feeling bad enough to need it, the taste is pretty much the last thing on my mind.

I have had some odd side-effects such as crazy, spooky dreams, or an abnormal amount of twitching before I fall asleep, but I don't know if that's the medicine's fault, or if it's because I usually have a high fever whenever I use it. Either way, just be aware of those possibilities. Also, if you use it be sure that you won't need to bounce right out of bed the next morning, because I'm always quite groggy when I finally do wake up.

Whether I'm sick at the time or not, you can almost always find a bottle of NyQuil in my medicine cabinet. I find that it's a good thing to keep on hand, because when the time comes that I actually need it, I usually don't feel like running to the store to pick some up.

If you haven't tried NyQuil yet, and if have no need to be awake suffering the next time you come down with something, be sure to check it out.