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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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We got this just a month or so ago because my 6 month old son got sick with a cold. He was miserable! Coughing, sneezing and was having a hard time sleeping because of it. In the past with my other kids, I had always used a Vicks Vaporizer so this time I went looking for the same thing. We went to Walmart and there were a few other brands but Vicks has been around forever (I think everyone recognizes the Vicks brand) and this one was also the best price. We paid around $10.00 for it.

The Vicks warm Steam Vaporizer helps to relieve cold, flu and hay fever symptoms.

Dry, irritated, itching skin and eyes. Coughs and dry, scratchy throat. It helps you breathe better and sleep more comfortably. Also it Stops dry out damage to plants, paintings and furniture. It can also save you money on your heating bills, since the right humidity level allows you to feel more comfortable at lower temperatures. It also keeps your respiratory system moist allowing it to fight off viruses.


This one is designed for small-medium sized room use. There’s a large nightlight located on the twist and lift top/cap and it also has automatic shut off. Theres also an easy to find/read fill line, and triple wall insulation that keep the tank water at a safe temprature .

Other Features:

-Steam Guard design.

-Bacteria free for steam relief of cold and flu symptoms.

-Designed for use with inhalants(built in medicine cup)

-18-24 hour operation.

-1.5 gallon capacity.

This also comes with a 3 year warranty.


The vaporizer boils the water and produces a pure, bacteria-free vapor which is released into the room. This helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms. The safety shut off feature automatically shuts off when water reduces to the minimum level.


First off I have to say that this product provided a whole lot of assistance with each and every one of my kids as they were growing up (whenever they got sick). I also have this horrible allergy to Mulberry trees(the pollen of course) and wouldn’t you know… the luck I have…The house we just moved into is surrounded by 4 HUGE Mulberry Trees! I was absolutely miserable while they were throwing their messy pollen fluffy things everywhere! So about the time the baby got sick (he sleeps with me) and we got the vaporizer …is when I found some relief and was able to get a good nights sleep!

Now, we did use this with a Kaz inhalant added to the little dip/cup built into the “lid” of the steamer. However in the past I have used these with out the inhalant and it was still helpful!

So the instructions say not to put it blowing directly on you/baby. We put it across the room. It really did help! My son slept all night! Only coughed a couple of times and was able to sleep through that!

I was able to sleep as well, my allergy symptoms were greatly reduced allowing me to be comfortable! It really does help you breathe better if you are congested(chest) I have to tell you that I am really stubborn when it comes to taking medications. So I hadn’t taken ANY kind of cold/allergy relief medications. It always surprises me how something as simple as a vaporizer can help so much!

It was quiet when it was in operation…no sputtering or wooshing like some vaporizers. The steam was not hot…I mean I know it’s steam but it didn’t feel HOT. It worked well even from across the room.It is also easy to clean.I just wipe it down/wash out the holding tank in the sink. For cleaning the steam unit you basically just make sure it's UNPLUGGED then soak it in 4 inches of white vinegar for 10 minutes then carefully rinse ( more detailed instructions are included).

I think this is a must have if you have little ones...it’s so helpful when they get sick! Also it really helps with allergy symptoms!