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Victoria And Albert 2001

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I was a bit skeptical when I had rented out this DVD - a movie about Queen Victoria and her husband Albert. While I like historical pieces, I just did not think there would be enough drama in this true story account to hold my interest. I am happy to report that I was wrong. I don't know how much fiction is added into the story, and I don't care. This is one excellent movie.

Victoria, played by Victoria Hamilton, becomes the queen when she is only 18. She has a lot to learn, and her controlling mother expects to be ruling with her, if not instead of her. However, Victoria shows unexpected strength of character by firmly telling her mother to stay out of it. Yes, she knows little about being a queen, but she has wise advisors and she is willing to learn. When the advisors suggest that Victoria marries Albert (Jonathan Firth), her German cousin, she is not sure what to think of it. She has met the young man, but did not have a chance to get to know him. Another meeting is arranged, and Victoria falls in love. Albert, however, does not, but he is persuaded to agree to enter this marriage. A very intelligent and well-educated man, Albert wants to be useful and help Victoria with her numerous responsibilities. At first, she does not accept his help, which puts a strain on their relationship. Fortunately, Victoria learns to understand her husband, and their marriage becomes what a good marriage should be.

I love the scene where Victoria knocks on Albert's door, and he asks, "Who is it?" (probably knowing very well it's her). She answers, "It's the queen, " and he would not open the door. She then knocks again, and he again asks who it is. This time, she says, "It's your wife" - and Albert lets her in. This scene says so much, without many words. I recommend this movie not only to those who like historical themes, but also to anyone who enjoys a good insight into the relationship between a man and a woman.