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Video Games, Good Or Bad?

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John Barnes By John Barnes on
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Nowadays video game consoles are household names. Many argue that they take away our social lives, and worsen our quality of life. Others agree by commenting that they are harmful to the youth of today, they instigate violence and that parents should not allow their children to play video games . Personally, I must say I am and have been an avid gamer for the last 7 years and believe this is utter nonsense but then I am of course biased. Firstly, recent statistics have shown that 94% of people are addicts, whether it's watching the television or listening to music, people develop habits and become addicted. Often games prove educational to younger children, give them something to entertain themselves with and show them that they can do something if they set their mind to it.

However many video games these days are first person shooters, and these are what give the industry its bad name. Call of duty, arguably the biggest current franchise - it boasts an 18 rating, yet sells millions of copies to underage gamers every year. I've seen a 12-year-old shouting at his dad in a game retailer because they've sold out of call of duty and he must have it. Alternatively, you could put a spin on the concept and say it keeps troublesome children off of the street, and yes it does, but then you could say it only worsens their behaviour. I for one believe the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB - they decide the age ratings for video games) need to impose stricter regulations on the video gaming industry. Another pattern of interest is console gaming - focuses more on a younger audience, games are more expensive and have less life span. As a result, children are always nagging their parents to buy them the next shooter new on the market. Other harmful effects include people throwing education or their career away because they were too busy. However, to bring this rant to a conclusion I would like to finish by saying how despite its negative elements, gaming is here to stay, rather like a mild form of smoking - it's far too late to ban or limit it. All I'm going to do is crack open the newest blockbuster game, and enjoy myself.