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Vietnam! Have A Visit!

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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Vietnam is a great place unless its summer time and the temperature is sky high. Guess when i went. The food is great. The best bread you can get from Vietnam are called Saigon rolls. I tasted about 100 of these with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even during times when we stayed at the hotel for a day. My brother and I asked the kitchen staff to make plenty of Saigon rolls each day because either tourists bought them or we bought about 20 to eat. That is how good the bread in Vietnam is. Purely delicious.

Vietname is located on the east coast of Asia. Its capital is called Saigon.Its hotels are, well, they seem to be always 3 stars and above with internet usage, restaurant, buffets, tourist centres, shopping centres and much much more. The extensive heat (if you go during summer time) will make you want to drink a lot. Unfortunately, there aren't many stores or restaurants that have a cool drink of coke or tasty drinks but they have ice tea which is tea with ice and a lemon which you crush and mix all the juice into the drink. Visit this country because there are shops anywhere and the chance of you wanting to east something they have is high cause i might be right next to you.

Hmmm recommendations.... well, its a fantastic place to visit and its recommended for people who enjoy the outdoors. Great for small vacations and a great place to test your taste.