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Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble

Reviewing: Nintendo Ds Capcom/Clover  |  Rating:
By utziem on
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Double Trouble is a handheld continuation of the popular Viewtiful Joe series for the Playstation and Gamecube. This game gives you control of Joe, a movie superhero that fights to keep the world of movies safe. You’ll battle through many 2D sidescrolling levels filled with minor puzzles and plenty of bad guys to thrash. The graphics have made the jump to handheld pretty well, with Joe’s world appearing similar to his console one. Sound effects are equally impressive, even through the small DS speakers.

The unique gameplay mechanic is the ability to use movie powers. Joe can slow or speed up time, zoom in for a dramatic shot, or use the stylus to hit enemies far away. These powers spice up the somewhat repetitive melee combat. The game is fun, but not nearly as challenging as the console games which may be a relief to some players.

Overall Joe is a great game for all ages. The lowered difficulty and short levels makes it well suited for travel gameplay.