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Vince Neil: 'Carved In Stone'

Reviewing: Warner Bros. Records 1995  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Yesterday I bought 4 used CD's at Hastings for $1. In this fantastic find, I came across this awesome gem of the Rock Era past. I never heard this one before.

Vince Neil explodes in this album release, way hotter than the days of Motley Crue. I had no Idea that this great rocker did his own stuff. I guess it is never too late to teach an old dog, a new trick.

The first track starts out heavy, with a fast electric cushion, and a lot of off the wall lyrics. I am quite impressed. It sounds like something I want to hear again. The title of this sweet rockin' song is ‘Breakin' In The Gun'

Next up is ‘The Crawl', which is OK. I like the third piece better, as it is very electrifying. ‘One Way', is a very top notch recording. I love the hint of mixed style, and dominant execution that this one controls. It is fast, heavy, and ripping through.

A deep shocker comes next, with ‘Black Promises' lingering in the air behind the electric solo that blows this album wide open, and sounds like all the best rockers in one, Exciting and bold are the best words to explain this creative title.

The #5 song is a very soft, Little River Band like song. Something you would not expect of this flashy Rock Star from the 80's and 90's. ‘Skylar's' is a classic song, and I am surprised I never heard this on the airwaves.

Recorded at Cornerstone Records, in Chatsworth, California, this 1995 Warner Bros. Records release slams you with the next Ozzy like smash, ‘Make u Feel'. This style, blows Motley Crew of the planet. Neil has some taste in his work.

My favorite song on this release so far is this next one titled ‘Writing On The Wall'. I feel like I just got a brand new CD, sent through time. I am learning that you can never hear it all. It is impossible. This song is a reminder of the experiences, that so many of us have, when we learn the hard lessons in life. ‘Writing On The Wall', is a superb lick, and I loved it.

‘Find Dream' is the next strange piece on the lineup. It has a very relaxing sensual feel to it, and explores the subconscious mind. Electro-static in revelation, this tight riff is something else. I enjoy this one also. It is very different. The crazy tweaking of guitar overrides your senses as you fall into the finish here.

One Less Mouth To Feed', is very ecstatic, with more upbeat revelations about this Motley ex. I can understand his need to do, his own work after listening to this fantastic peace. This band is better.

Motley Crue lost a great Rocker to this album, and the next title cuts the cake. 'The Rift' is the final track on this lost and found treasure that I am happy to have found. A very tight and classic finale to a trip from the past. If I could only go back in time and find a new piece like this every day. I got my two bits worth here, 200 fold. A very nice find!