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Vintage Plaza Portland, Oregon

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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If you have been watching the news the last several days then you may know that the West coast has been hit with some pretty bad snow. Portland in general in the last week has received 11.5 inches of snow and still falling. This is not something that we are prepared for or even used to. Because of the bad weather, it has made driving unbearable even for those that have chains and four wheel drive.

The one thing I hate to do is miss work so you can imagine what this weather has done. After some talking with my boss, they have agreed to put some of us in a hotel so that we don't have to drive these treacherous roads. So far they have used 3 hotels.

This review is about the Plaza Vintage located downtown and within walking distance to shops, resturants, and our downtown mall. This hotel is ver nice with spacious rooms. Our room had a kingsize bed but I know that you can also get beds for double occupancy.

Inside the rooms, they have a mini bar which of course cost money if you want to dip into. They also have hairdryers inside the bathroom with all of the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, soap, cotton balls, Q-Tips, towels and so forth.

They hotel provides complimentry wine from 5pm to 6pm but you can also visit there wine cellar until 10pm. The lobby is decorated in vintage style decor. Currently, they are remodeling the hotel but the only thing that gave that away was the big dumpster located on the sid of the building and signs that indicated they were remodeling. Other than that the only noise that we heard was our neighbors slamming doors.

The hotel provides room service in which I saw everything priced between $20-60 not including the 18% gratuity they added plus a delivery charge of $2.50. My husband and I didn't think that was worth it so we went to the resturant located in the hotel called the Piazzo. it's an italian theme resturant. Although it wasn't our type of resturant, I thought the food was fantastic. The prices were a little on the pricey side. Even the food was good, I don't think it was worth the prices.

Overall, I thought the hotel was nice. I don't think I would stay there for pleasure. The downfall about this hotel is that they didn't have a coffee maker (and one must have coffee in the morning) and because I left my house without a lot of toiletries, I needed some personal items which they were out of almost all. I don't think that was their fault but it was a downfall because no other stores in the area were open in the area because of the weather.