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Viper Car Starter Alarm In One!

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debbie831 By debbie831 on
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About 6 years ago I lived in an apartment for about 2 years and right after I moved in, I knew I needed a car starter. I live in Michigan and if anyone is familiar with our winters, it can get pretty cold. Well it only took about 2 mornings of digging my car out of the snow, starting it and waiting for it to warm up for me to head to the local automotive store and check out car starters.

A friend remcommended Extreme Auto, she said they had great products and the service was great, so off I headed. She was right. I picked out the Viper on their suggestion because not only was it a starter but it was also a sercurity system and with living in an apartment complex and my car sitting outside all night I thought it was a pretty good idea. My main concern was the false alarms. I didn't want to have to get up every other night because my alarm was going off! They assured me that Viper did not have that problem. The other thing that sold me on this system is the fact that it could be removed from this car t and put into a new car. I lease my car so this was important to me.

I got in installed and off I went. I had the alarm and starter for 3 years and never once had a problem. I never had a false alarm and never had a problem with the car not starting.

An added feature of this alarm system is the remote. It has a picture of a car on it and when you start your car from inside a building, if it starts smoke will show out of the exhaust, so you always know if your car started. How cool is that!

The alarm system was great, on this remote it would actually show you where you car was being broken into. If someone was breaking your window, the alarm would sound and on your remote if would show a little hammer beating on your window. I am glad to say I never had my alarm go off but it was a nice security feature. It also had the panic button when you were in the parking lot and couldn't find your car! Yes sad to say I used this feature many times.

I loved this car security system and was prepared to have it removed and put into my new car for about $35 but my new car came with the car starter so I sold the starter to a friend and he has it in his car to this day with no problems or false alarms. Sometimes I wish I still had it, the security system on my car now is something to be desired.