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Virtua Fighter 5

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By hiyruu on
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Virtua Fighter 5 is the latest installment in Sega's fighting game franchise. VF5 introduces two new characters to the fray, Eileen, a girl using Monkey Kung-Fu (Kou-ken), and El Blaze, a Mexican Lucha Libre.

What separates VF5 from other fighting games is the online play available in the 360 version, and the incredibly deep fighting system - no button mashing here.

The fighting system is the sole reason the game is great -- you can play for days and not master everything possible within the limits of the system.

The quest mode, is also a great plus. In it, you choose a character and go to virtual arcades and fight other characters, "leveling up" through various ranks and gradually improving your skill. Quest mode will really help people get used to the steep learning curve associated with VF5.

All in all, VF5 is one of the best fighters I have ever played. The deep fighting system and the online play add a lot of replayability and make this a must-buy title for the 360.