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Virtual Light By William Gibson

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By freesoma on
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Virtual Light is William Gibson's first book in his second trilogy, nicknamed "The Bridge" trilogy. It is a science fiction book that takes place in 2005, and even though it was written in the early 90s it feels as if Gibson accurately predicted some of the future technology that exists in the book.

The story is fun and slightly complex but nothing as great as Gibson's earlier works. The characters aren't anything too special but one of them really sticks out and seems to be inspiration for one of Neal Stephenson's unique characters in his sci-fi book Snow Crash.

Virtual Light is a fun book full of suspense and action and is a great read for anyone that is a fan of Gibson's writing style. I wouldn't recommend this to people that haven't read Gibson before; it's easier to enjoy Neuromancer and then see if one appreciates Gibson's writing.