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With my new Acer laptop, I got a bunch of software including Norton AntiVirus 2009. I was happy, that I got a full version from my Acer dealer. I knew that it was a promotional giveaway and I will have to renew it after one year. Anyway I started to use my laptop as usual and soon I realized that Norton Antivirus is not for me.

Norton Antivirus claims to offer protection against virusese, spyware etc. And that's why it is an antivirus. But it failed to protect me from some sort of Trojan horses, that entered my laptop via memory cards, I think. Those scary things remained undetected for about one month, until one of my techie friend came down to rescue me. I called him, because I was starting to get problems during web browsing. I never thought it was due to a bad thing like a Trojan horse, as Norton Antivirus was running on my computer. But, my techie friend removed those problems just by uninstalling Norton and catching those scary things with free version of Avast anitvirus. Yes, he installed the free version of Avast and detected those Trojan horses with one full scan.

So, when a free software can protect me, why should I bother about a big fat, useless anitvirus software? Eversince I have never installed Norton on my computer. In my view it is a virus friendly antivirus!

One more thing that I disliked about Norton anitvirus is over use of system resources. I have 1GB RAM and when Norton was there, my computer was very slow. My techie friend told me that it was due to extra use of memory by Norton. I don't know whether it is true or not. But, now my computer is definitely faster.

Overall, I am not satisfied with Norton. I must say that it failed to protect me from malware. So, I will give it 1/5 points for protection and 1/5 for effectiveness. I am not giving it 0, because it detected a few minor spyware/cookie. It's interface was not that complicated. So, I will give it 4/5 for ease of use. Thus my overall rating will be 2/5. Don't use this antivirus software.