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Visine Eyedrops For My Itchy Eyes

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When I was still working in the office, I would often use Visine Eye Drops. At first, I used the office supply. But since it seemed that I was the only one using, I just bought my own. It was more sanitary.

Anyway, my eyes would always itch then. It was either because of long hours of working, the airconditioning, the straing of looking at the computer screen for long, or just the dust in the office. All these factors made my eye itch and it seemed that I had itchy eyes every single day at work. Sometimes, it got red, watery, and very itchy that I had to rub my eyes hard. And it would further get irritated.

That is why I use Visine everyday. It gives my eyes the necessary moisture that it needs for me to focus my eyes and make my vision clearer, at the same time it cleanses my eyes from impurities like dust.

Visine is very cheap at $2 per bottle and since I only use a couple of drops per eye each time, one bottle lasts a couple of months or even more.

What I don't like though is the bottle. Sometimes, the drops leak through the cap thereby wasting the product. It could use a better container.