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Vita K Dark Circles Begone...Begone I Said!

Reviewing: Woodridge Labs, Inc. Vita K Solutiion Professional Dark Circle Treatment  |  Rating:
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Although not classed as a true 'anti-aging' solution, anyone who has dark circles under their eyes or knows of someone who does can attest to the fact that dark circles can really make a difference in your over all appearance and can indeed make you look older than you actually are. They can also make you look tired even after you've slept a good solid number of hours faithfully. After purchasing this product a little over 7 months ago, I had hoped that I'd be able to forgo under eye concealer for the majority of the time. I've been blessed with many things but I don't consider the dark circles under my eyes to be one of the blessings. Although I certainly don't have dark circles that are extremely prominent, they are noticeable to me and I've always found that in order to actually look my best I need to do a little undercover damage control just to feel better about it.

The first time I tried this solution which comes in a very small .75 oz jar and resembles a consistency and look very similar to Vicks vapour rub without any of the smell, I knew that it was money I could have spent elsewhere. The solution literally burned my skin upon contact and at first I figured that was perhaps the way it was suppose to work...just burn those little old circles right off, yes.

The solution is to be applied sparingly, which I did, morning and evening preferrably after showering, which I did. Gently patting it into my under eye area til it disappeared. Once done, it left my under eye area feeling quite uncomfortable...quite likely I am allergic to something in the ingredient list which I'll run through shortly. However, as I am not normally one to give up very easily, I decided that I must at least attempt to give this product it's fair use and I applied it again in the evening just before bed.

The following morning I was going to apply it again but noticed that the skin around my eye area had become dry, flaky and red so rather than use the solution again I moisturized for a few days until everything cleared up again.

A week later I decided to try one last time and again I obtained the same results. Although the packaging claims that results can be seen beginning with the first application, regrettably I didn't see any reduction of the dark area around my eyes but instead it had been combined with a reddened and flaky look to boot. Not my idea of improvement.

The ingredients within the Vita-K solution include the two preservatives Methylparaben and Propylparaben which although not conclusively linked to any health risks has raised concerns among some. To date cosmetics are still able to include these ingredients provided that they do not exceed 25%.

The other ingredients include such things as Acrylates Copolymer which is a waterproofing agent, Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline which is a plant extract used to firm skin and apparently well known for it's benefits in use with anti-aging and firming lotions, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 which is suppose to work as a smoothing agent and is a regenerating peptide. Now here's an interesting ingredient...Nylon-12! This is a type of thermoplastic which from what I can tell has absolutely no reason being in a skin lotion. According to what I located it is used for Seal rings, protection for cog wheels, used in protective coverings and even ski boots! Huh? Can't be the same Nylon-12 but without further information as to whether or not the Nylon-12 in this lotion is Polyamide, I can't and won't give any conclusive assumptions. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, a popular ingredient in the anti-aging stretch mark cream Q-Strixin, is suppose to be able to repair damaged skin cells and increase collagen levels as well as thicken areas of the skin. Then we have things such as Silica, the company's proprietary Provita-K Complex, Water, Glycerin, Mica and Cellulose Gum.

Sometime ago someone told me that if you can't pronounce the ingredient in the products you buy, then most likely you shouldn't be using the product, which was explained to me to mean what you can't pronounce is often not good for you anway. Perhaps there is some truth to that were this product is concerned.

Vita-K solution definitely wasn't good for me and although I have no allergies to things such as Latex, Silicone or any other rubber/plastic type material for some reason, that's the ingredient that even though I can pronounce it just fine, bothers me the most.

In my opinion anyone with sensitivties and/or sensitive skin should definitely not purchase or try this product at least not without expecting to have the product burn like crazy and possibly cause your skin, especially the delicate under eye area where it is meant to be applied, to react poorly. I found no benefit from this particular product and it was nothing but a poor waste of money that left me with a sore face and a product that only a few little dabs have been removed from.

Unfortunate really because I had definitely been looking forward to it brightening my eye area and allowing me the freedom to get up in the morning and just go! For now I'll have to wait and see what else comes available and hope that it arrives long before I get too old to even remember that I have eyes let alone circle's to go with them, or care about having ever even wanted to be rid of them in the first place. Oh well, concealer my old friend I apologize for wanting to toss you aside so callously. Come 'ere buddy!