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Vita Fusion Gummy Fibers; Better Than Bran Muffins

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deemarie By deemarie on
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Alright ladies, let’s face it, regularity isn’t exactly our strong suit. Men, I know some of you struggle as well. I feel like I’ve been in a never-ending search for ways to get all my fiber in and all my waste, out. Coffee, laxatives, fiber powders etc… Coffee works for a while until it dehydrates you and you slowly build your tolerance eventually drinking an entire pot every morning just to take a much-needed visit TO the pot. Laxatives work but also are not a long-term solution, and, can I say “ouch.” Everyone knows fiber is necessary to keep things moving but I for one do not enjoy chugging down a glass of water and grainy fiber powder. I used to put it orange juice, but I get tired of having to consume unwanted calories and sugar just to get my fiber powder down. It’s very difficult with all the diets, stress and time restraints to create meals every day that give you enough fiber.

After a while my husband decided to help me out. I’m sure it was just because he just got tired of me complaining every day and being bitter with envy every time he returned from a long visit to the bathroom. (Yes, I have problems) So he brought me home a present one day; Vitafusion Fiber Gummies. Each serving has 5 grams of fiber, 10 calories and 0 grams of sugar. They are quick and easy, no preparation required, do not require something to drink with them, and take you back to childhood days of chewable vitamins. Plus, they taste like gummy bears! They aren’t going to mess up your diet, they serve as a nice treat for morning and/or after dinner and they are very useful in getting all your fiber in every day.

As with any fiber supplement, it’s important to get all your water in every day. Also, the gummies to contain 1 gram of sugar alcohol per serving. Generally this is not a problem, but if you are diabetic or have blood sugar problems, be sure to ask your doctor about any new supplement and follow your restrictions closely. I do have blood sugar problems and am carbohydrate sensitive, but the one sugar alcohol contained in these to not seem to affect me.

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies can be found in most grocery stores. I know amazon.com, Costco and Walgreens are among the many places that carry them. So, if you’re looking for some additional fiber in your diet without messy, grainy powders or you’re having some regularity issues and are tired of taking laxatives and drinking gallons of coffee every day, try these out.