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Vitamin Veil Is Not So Flawless, Pixi

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By catens on
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Pixi Vitamin Veil

In my search for the perfect foundation - one that is easy to apply, and take one or two steps, and has natural looking coverage, I had very high hopes in the "Vitamin Veil." This was the first Pixi product I ever purchased, and I based my decision on reviews by people who have apparently had better luck with the product. I probably did not take into account their skin types and age!

I am not sure if this is available anywhere else, but I bought the Vitamin Veil at my local Target for around $35.00. This is a little pricey for non-department store makeup, but I hoped it would be worth it. The product is creamy, but solid and packed in a cute green compact. The packaging ended up being the only thing I really liked about this foundation.

The color selection is poor, (I think there only three or four options) but I settled on the closest to my skin tone And made sure to blend past the jawline to avoid that mask-like line.

The amount included in the compact was very little, so the price was actually ridiculous when taking into account the small amount received!

I applied a few different ways since I always believe experimenting is best to give every foundation a fair chance to impress me. I applied with a sponge, both wet and dry, and with a brush, both wet and dry. This is one product I will not be purchasing again. It had a greasy or oily feel from the start, even on dry areas, and accentuates imperfections by making blemishes appear more raises, and settling into little lines and pores in a rather gross fashion. By noon it was always melting off my face, and oxidizing to orange, making the "melting" even more obvious.

It supposedly doesn't require powder, but I did try setting it (after extra blotting even right after initial application) with a good powder, and it still didn't help much. The powder could not stand up to the extra greasiness actually generated by this product, and instead became what felt like another heavy layer.

The feeling of this foundation was always heavy, and easily transferred onto clothes or my hands. Despite being a "veil" of "vitamins" that one might expect to at least improve one's skin texture and complexion, my pores felt clogged. While it felt like it was melting off, there still was plenty of it left in all the wrong places at the end of the day, and it was hard to remove. I broke out around my nose, jawline and neck!

This product MAY be good for those with extremely dry skin, no wrinkles and very fine pores... Since most of us use makeup to enhance our natural beauty and "fix" our less desirable flaws, I can not truly recommend this product, so please consider yourself warned. If you do decide to give it a go, better luck to you!