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Vitamin Water Is A Trap!

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ooncha By ooncha on
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In the city, you either drink coffee, smoothies, or VitaminWater. I admit I was one of those people who drank VitaminWater like I depended on it. Glaceau(owned by Coca-cola) really knew how to market their product with the bright attractive colors, and witty label contents. I was on the verge of getting sick and I drank the defence bottle and it helped me fight it off. I didn't get sick the next day! When I first tried it, I just taste like watered down juice. I got use to it and got addicted. I did feel better overall, but then after a few weeks of drinking it I felt odd. My stomach wasn't feeling right. You know that hunger pain? Yeah I had a weak hunger pain and I couldn't stop eating because it wouldn't go away! My roommate told me that there was something in the product that could do a number to your liver and/or stomach.

I had to do an essay on an issue, so I picked products like VitaminWater. I researched and found that it's more like junk food than it is good for you. In each bottle there's 32.5 grams of crystalline fructose. 32.5 grams is equivalent to 2 tablespoons! crystalline fructose is similar to high-fructose corn syrup and we all know that stuff is not good to take in in large amounts! It makes it no different than a soft drink.

I don't drink it anymore, and I can finally feel full when I eat. As a drink it's good, but not good as a health drink! A study shows that average Americans get enough vitamins and minerals so we don't really need all this "extra" stuff believe it or not.