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Viva Italia

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Having played Assassin’s Creed the original I had great expectations for the sequel Assassin’s Creed II. First of all I would like to voice my frustration and I’m sure many computer gamers will concur that it’s totally unacceptable that we have had to wait until this year to get the game where as our console brethren were enjoying assassinating and spelunking through the gorgeous buzzing metropolises in Italy. Now that that’s out of the way where were we? Ahh yes the game has quite amazingly realistic environments and cities it totally succeeds in totally immersing you in the game environment as you bring the role of Etzio Alditore to life. The team at Ubisoft have made certain subtle improvements to gameplay from the first one in my opinion the combat system feels far more refined and polished resulting in more authentic feeling fights. The story is also quite thrilling and captivating with a few twists and turns that kept me captivated without making it overly verbose I don’t want to say too much as I’m trying not to give any spoilers but the story pretty much picks up where the first game ended. My favourite new addition is the ability to assassinate two targets with the dual hidden blade which trust me is very useful for quickly dispatching of patrol squads consisting of six to eight guards. Assassin’s Creed II is a sequel that does the first game justice but regrettably I feel doesn’t really make dramatic strides in the platforming genre like the first game did, however it is still a thoroughly enjoyable title chock filled with many side quests which ensures great replay value. I would highly recommend this because it’s “Bene”