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Voice Recognition Real Tactics Game Ever!!!

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I've been playing war-tactics strategy games from Command and Conquer Series and the like, but this game has so extra cool features that will eventually make you feel like a Commander in the battlefield.

With added voice-recognition feature, you can command your units in the battlefield to perform combat operations like attacking enemy, moving to a certain position, securing establishments and the like, without having to use the mouse. With microphone attached and proper voice commands, units will follow your instructions accordingly and that is the reason WHY this Game is the first in the row employing such User Interaction while in-game making it the first strategy game using such technology. Although, you can use your mouse, harnessing this feature will ensure ease of access and smooth user operability while in-game and also the success of your battles as a Commander as well.

No problem with speech parsing, cause they've understand my English accent as a Filipino. I can and why you're not. (^_^).

Feature that most strategy games fail is having a static viewpoint in-game camera which is really lousy and common. With Tom Clancy's End' War camera angles in different points of the battlefield is recallibrated so that user will be return exactly to the unit's exact position on the screen while it is away from the user's current screen. In effect, no need to pan the screen with the mouse. All you need is to double-click the unit or Camera voice command to do the magic. This is vital for the success of your games without any interaction delays.

Tom Clancy's End' War uses a realistic approach in the battlefield. Expect lots of support helicopter, cargo planes flying on the airspace since you are just deploying combat units NOT by making it on time somewhere in the factory to be charged-out easily ready for combat thing. That's insane right? You're in the battlefield anything can be happen right now and then. But, other games do that. You'll have to make your own vehicles before you can fight.(i_i)

With great graphics details, expect your unit models to be realistic enough to fit in in the battlespace and can be seen zoom in our out by the camera. Ranging from infantry units down to the armored vehicles, you'll be astonished as what I am right now. So, pretty cool and realistic, ever. Not just the models, but also it's world environmental details. Best fit for those hard-core strategy game players.

So, just check it out and experience. Have fun, Commander.

And hey, don't make your neighbors hear you like a call center agent or somethin'. Hehe.